16 December 2009

Trees Produce More Than Me

Right. There are things we know, or at the very least, I know. Some are mediated, some are experienced some are just known.
For instance, I know, having never been there that the South Pole is cold. I know this because I have seen pictures and all.
I know what it is like to drive on the autobahn, because I have.
I know, having never seen the movie that “Slumdog Millionaire,” is “Aladdin” without Mork and probably with a dance routine and an offensively pretty girl. I know this, because I am not stupid.
There are things we, or again at least I, will never know.
I will never know what it was like to be in a Fraternity, play sports in college or bone a 17 year old. I will never know these things because these opportunities have passed me by.
There are other things I don’t know. I will never know why Akon sells records. I will never know the appeal to those “Twilight” books. I will never know how to freefall. I will never know these things because I just don’t get it.
It recently occurred to me that I was born about 80 years too late. Then it occurred to me that being born too late is better than too early. If I could only figure out how to manage survival, I’d be square.
The Mighty Quinn wouldn’t have tolerated this shit. Chad McGreevy would have succeeded. Yossarian just breathes. Barely.
I hope next year is better than this one. But to be truthful, it doesn’t matter.



Blogger xTx said...

i am glad to know you are not dead.

reading this made my chest walls expand and i felt like puking.

16/12/09 07:40  
Blogger gamefaced said...

i keep typing and erasing clichés. dunno to say but thank you for these words. good to read you again. and here's to next year.

16/12/09 07:57  
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