07 May 2006

Hundreds Of Miles

Right. Canada. Canada is a lot like everywhere else I've been, except for the massive amounts of fucking I partake in. I also watched Domino after I put her ass to sleep. My favorite part of Domino was the end, because that movie sucks. Another reason why the end was my favorite part was because Domino said something along the lines that she will never tell us which parts of the movie are true and which parts aren't. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess no one blew up a casino in Vegas. I must have missed that in the news.
Keira Knightly is still hot though.
Me and Chad McGreevy washed my car today, then we treated the leather. We finished it off by shining up the dash. It looks great. He really motivates me. I was planning on dropping ol' girl off and taking a shower and maybe doing some push ups and maybe going for a run but most likely reading and drinking some water. Hydration. But Chad is persuasive, thus me getting something productive done today. Chad also told me his plan to bring joy and education to everyone and he invited me to join his plan. I accepted.
Me and Chad are going to have metal signs made which would read varios things. Some of the sayings are as follows: Spousal Abuse, Farting, It, The Rape of the Rainforrest, The Spainards, Child Pornography, and Showing Off." We will then place these signs under Stop signs around town. Beautiful. Then we will replace all traffic signs in blighted minority neighborhoods. The Stop sign will read, "Knock it the Fuck Off." The Yield sign will read, "Chill." These are ideas.
This girl man, she is getting so city on me. But like TV city. So it's starting to suck. But when I watch her midriff twist and flex...I'm going to jail man. This is wrong. We went out dancing while in Canada. This is trouble.
I need a doctor to give me a prescription for Testosterone and HGH. Cocaine I am looking in your direction.


Blogger xtx said...

you + dancing + chad mcgreevy = jailtime or a lifetime of shame and/or regret

8/5/06 10:40  
Blogger Yossarian said...

maybe no one gets it...the signs would then read: "STOP" and under it "Spousal Abuse" or what ever we have signs made to say. get it?

8/5/06 19:47  
Blogger Blush said...

yes we get the signs. what the fuck does getting "so city" mean??

8/5/06 22:32  
Blogger Jadenfish said...

i didn't realize you guys were anti the farting.

9/5/06 10:02  
Blogger xtx said...

okay. i didn't get the sign thing until you explained it. I am not afraid to admit i'm an idiot.

9/5/06 10:12  
Blogger ¬°Benjaminista! said...

Yeah, that's Canada for you.

5/6/06 23:25  

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