19 August 2005

Lovers Never Asking Why

Right. Where do I go from here? I have no fucking clue. Not one iota of an idea. I am so nervous right now and I have no clue as to why. I mean. I just did some shit that I know how to do. I know it. It's easy. I could do it in my sleep. Yet I think I just dicked it all up. The ramifications of my dicking it up are harsh. So I drink for lunch. We get a 3-hour lunch today so I should be nice and fucked up for the remainder of the day, and hopefully weekend.
Where is she? I wish I knew.
So I order some shit at Amazon the other day and I want the free shipping because I am cheap. It says it will ship 3-5 days later than a normal order. The same day my order is shipped. So if I order something and pay for shipping, will that mean that it will arrive before I order?
Leave it alone.
I love Fat Jon so much it makes my ass bleed.
XTX is the greatest and best blogger in the history of greatest and best blogging. If I knew how to hyper link shit I would hyper link her shit everyday. But also no one really reads this, so it seems useless. But go click Tracy Shit and read until your mind sprouts reproductive glands and your brain jazzes the best tasting and feeling cum ever all over your insides. That is how I make it day to day.
Some more shit you might want to check out is Blush. She is as pretty as a 5-dollar bill.
If my life were set to music, I'd bet there wouldn’t be any panties being thrown on the stage.
We will wait forever for the young Marines.
I hope if we ever have a class war, math gets its ass kicked.
I will die on an island and I will catch water in a net.


Blogger Nervous Girl said...

I love xtx too - I found her because of you, and I think it's cute when you give each other shout-outs. Aww.

19/8/05 10:38  
Blogger Yossarian said...

In case anyone was wondering I got my test back I thought I dicked up and got a perfect score. Who knew?

19/8/05 15:26  
Blogger Bill German said...

i graduated from bunker hill community college, now aren't you proud of me ? I would of gone to BU but I was too stoopid

19/8/05 16:57  
Blogger Yossarian said...

i have no idea what you are talking about. But yes. I am proud.

20/8/05 00:18  
Blogger Bill German said...

i thought your alma mater was BU. That's all I meant.

21/8/05 11:29  
Blogger Yossarian said...

I did go to BU, and I am proud of where you went also

21/8/05 12:56  
Blogger Blush said...

"She is as pretty as a 5-dollar bill."
Does that mean you think i look like Abe Lincoln?? Curious.

21/8/05 17:45  
Blogger Alfred said...

hey man hit me up whenevs & i'll explain you how to do the linking dillio

26/8/05 13:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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