09 August 2005

Rue The Whirl

Right. I have no inspiration at all. No motivation either. I just want to go back home and hang out with my mother. I am covered in chiggers. I invented the 40-time defense. All it is, is running as fast as you can the opposite way of danger. It rules.
I am out of beer. I want my two dollars. I am having the worst week ever and it is only Tuesday. I just don't know what to do. I know what I want to do, but it has little to do with what I ought to do.
I ain't talking to you no more. I swear to whatever.
I need to find something new. I am bored. This shit is easy. I just get bored with shit when it becomes easy. Maybe I should try and be a hockey goalie. That has to be a rough job. I mean when I screw up at my job a huge siren and flashing red light doesn't go off just to let everyone know I suck again.
I can see the heat here it is so hot.


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