24 August 2005

Exact Space

Right. Is it all too real for you? Because I'll be very honest with you, it is for me. Where should we start today? I suppose it is dependant upon where we intend to end. Where is that? Hopefully it's in my pants. Let's find out.
I don't think I would mind if every song ever recorded was Darling Nicky by Prince. I love that fucking jam.
I plan on moving some goal posts this Friday, if you know what I'm saying.
XTX wrote a really amazing post directed towards me yesterday, so go check it out. I left a creepy response, so feel free to check that out too. In my defense, I drink for lunch and dinner.
Woodwork people, woodwork.
Ain't shit really going on. Dios mi oh man.
I feel like I am just recycling this shit. Seriously. I feel like my head has been crushed and its contents rearranged, placed back and I have all the same shit but in different places. It's all fucked up. But I feel no pain this way, so I will never complain. Even though I think she did it on purpose. But I can't remember why.
I wish it would open up and rain. Rain like it’s never rained before. Flood this fucking world and make Noah look like a fly fisherman. But the truth of the matter is, all the rain, Evian or sparkling spring waters that ever flowed could never wash this place clean. It will never glow as new.


Blogger Blush said...

wow you are feeling it

24/8/05 18:07  
Blogger xtx said...

move some goal posts...

very clever..

24/8/05 18:13  
Blogger Nervous Girl said...

all I can think of now is "thank U 4 the funky time, call me up whenever U wanna grind"...
time to pull out the ol' Prince collection!

25/8/05 11:09  
Blogger unkind said...

Who the hell are all you people?

25/8/05 17:38  
Blogger Yossarian said...

my bizznatches

25/8/05 18:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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22/2/07 11:28  

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