15 November 2007


Right. I dont know when I will get to post anything again. This might be the end of the child of the blog. I can't really say either way. But where I am going, we have no need for the internet, at least one which isn't edited. Life seems an absurd compromise sometimes. And enough "sometimes" seems to make up the fulltime. Trade your youth for freedom. Trade your freedom for no barriers.
Trade your time for money. Trade your money to waste your time.
Trade your heart for lust. Trade your lust for the television.
Trade your heroes for a street. Trade your street for a rocking chair.
Such is life.
En Sha La. or Inshala. Whichever.
God in fact isn't willing anything anymore.
But it is good to have faith.
Sometimes I get discouraged. But then I remember my heritage and your empire is a figment of imagination. Sometimes my heart feels heavy. But then I remember that all prophets spoke of a time when money will have no value. Sometimes I am afraid. But then I remember that despite my actions, I am still a heathen. Sometimes I feel like dying. But then I remember that only liars speak of purity. Sometimes I don't feel anything. But then I remember that power always turns to hunger. Sometimes I have hope. But then I remember that those who fuck Nuns always join the Church. Sometimes I feel truely happy. But then I remember the price I sold my soul for. Sometimes I get angry. But then I remember my leaders burned the home I grew up in. Sometimes I desire to be free. But then I remember your Bible is soaked in petrol.