30 September 2004

Nothing Easy is Worth Doing

Right. So people die. Everyday. People just die. It's what people do. Now or fifty years from now, I too will die. I'm okay with that. I am fine with the means by which I die also. Be it in my sleep, a bullet in the head, a knife in the chest, drowning, murder, a piano falling on my head, cancer, shark attack or of old age. I would prefer if I died by some weird fusion of all ways to die. But we never get what we want.
Everyone I sent my letter to have yet to respond by cutting me a big fat check to pay off my student loans. Fuckers. As a matter of fact, no one has even had the decency to tell me, "no." Jerks.
Is it wrong that I support Israel? It's God's house.
So I am watching the debates. I don't know anymore. I mean, ahh fuck it. I guess people don't get it anymore. Or maybe I don't get it. I don't know. I just believe that you don't vote for you, you vote for everyone else. Whom do you think will make the country a better place? Vote. That's it. Simple. Akum's razor. Why is it a big deal to people? Who cares if someone is on the other side of the fence than you? So you vote differently than I. And? But we just sit around and think of nice, clever slogans to support our guy. Then we mock cheerleaders. All we lack is gymnastic abilities. Well, I also lack a skirt.

29 September 2004

Fertilizer: You Better Try and Grow Shit

Right. So that is what it is all about you know. So like, say a guy goes and gets a Masters degree in Government Relations. Say that guy was yours truly. Say he later joined the Army. I don't know where I was going with this. I think it had something to do with Ireland. Or maybe Texas Hold 'em. Ahhh fuck it. I'm done. Here. I got an AIM message asking me to answer these here questions from Tony Pierce.

1. Which political party do you typically agree with? Republican.
2. Which political party do you typically vote for? Republican.
3. List the last five presidents that you voted for? Bush, Clinton I was unable to vote before then.
4. Which party do you think is smarter about the economy? Umm, whoever appeases Greenspan.
5. Which party do you think is smarter about domestic affairs? Republicans
6. Do you think we should keep our troops in Iraq or pull them out? Stay.
7. Who, or what country, do you think is most responsible for 9/11? OBL and the Saudis.
8. Do you think we will find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? I don't know.
9. Yes or no, should the U.S. legalize marijuana? No. Lots of things are illegal. The mongoose is illegal and no one cares because you can't get high off one.
10. Do you think the republicans stole the last presidential election? No
11. Do you think Bill Clinton should have been impeached because of what he did with Monica Lewinski? That is not why he was impeached.
12. Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good president? Maybe. I don't know. I can't see the future.
13. Name a current democrat who would make a great president: I met Joe Lieberman in grad school. I like him.
14. Name a current republican who would make a great president: I like Bush.
15. Do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion? I could care less.
16. What religion are you? Catholic.
17. Have you read the Bible all the way through? Yes.
18. What's your favorite book? Iliad and Odyssey by Homer.
19. Who is your favorite band? Boards of Canada
20. Who do you think you'll vote for president in the next election? Bush. Does all of this mean we can't be friends?
21. What website did you see this on first? Tony pierce

28 September 2004

These are Ideas

I'm at the library today and there is this kid reading at the table next to me. He couldn't have been more than five. Nice kid. Anyway, he was reading some book where kids have a dog, adventures happen, God is in his heaven and all is well. His mom was looking for some book over in the nonfiction section. Well the kid is looking at me and he comes over to ask me a question. I thought he was going to ask me how to say a particular word or something. Well the kid said he saw that my bag happens to be an Army bag. He asked if I was in the Army. I told him I was about to leave for basic and then OCS. I then had to explain to him what OCS is. Well he said he wanted to join the Army when he grows up because he wants to be a hero. I told him that if he wanted to be a hero he ought to be an actor. The danger isn't real, the money is better and the girls are hotter. He laughed and said maybe, but he would rather be poor than dead. Good kid.

27 September 2004

I Am Not A Cleaning Agent

Right. So I went to Indianapolis over the weekend to watch the Packers take on the Colts. Great game. Sad to say that Favre was about to tie it up late in the game when a Colt safety decided to tackle Driver while the ball was in the air. Well that isn't what's sad. What is sad is that it wasn't called.
Indianapolis is great. It's a nice city with nice people. I got hit on a lot by the ladies, which was hot. One girl stopped me on the street to see if I wanted to go out with her sometime. But I explained that I was only in town for the night and since she had plans for the night, we were unable to go out. Sad. She is cute. My life, I tell you what. I can go around St. Louis all day and all night and nothing. I am in a city for 30 hours and women galore. Oh well. It's all about the coulda, shoulda, woulda's.
Big ups to all who read and commented on the list, you are all chosen by God to lead excellent lives. I still need help with the appearance of my shit here. I will not let this rest. I will mention it until someone can take the five minutes it would take to help me fix this shit.

24 September 2004

I live in the Ocean

Right. So I ain't got to list no more. And that makes me as happy as a mule with some shit that makes a mule happy. I don't know any country metaphors. My bad. So like I am tired of bitching. I am tired of feeling like this. I am tired of harping on this. It is just stupid. I will end it with this. If you have a friend who decides to join the Army after graduate school, let it be. He or she is smart enough to make his or her own decisions.
Anyway, I need help with this website. I have no access to a PC so if anyone out there can help me, please do. I will buy you World Series tickets. Or something else. You know whatever.
Have you ever been sitting around blowing your nose in you shirt and the pizza delivery boy turns out to be an extra hot girl? I have. It's annoying. Have you been so sick of hearing everyone with his or her opinions that you want to vomit? I have.
So I watched the behind the glory on Mike Tyson. I have to tell you that he said one of the most profound things I have ever heard. Well he didn't say it; he was quoting his old trainer. "There are people out here disguised as animals. You aren't sophisticated enough to tell the difference." I'd like to tell that to a few people in my life I am worried about. They are about to embark upon a journey into the unknown. Step lightly.

23 September 2004

I'm Seeing Robots

Yeah buddy so I am leaving soon. I am also going to Indianapolis this weekend to watch Favre beat the colts. Go Favre. So here we are. Number one on our list. Who will it be? I'm assuming you know because you can just look at the picture. But I'd like to use this space to give it up to the good peeps I couldn't get on the list. I love them still. The Bandit (Yeah Burt Reynolds) Conan (word up. I really wish we still carried around swords) Jaws (come one that would be awesome) and Dirk Diggler (I never seen the movie, but I wouldn't mind having the penis antithesis of what I have now.)

One word, Vader. I believe Star Wars is released in 1977. I am born in the year of our lord 1978. The first movie I remember watching is The Lone Ranger. My sister brings me this 50-page comic book with this guy in a black mask. I can't read and my sister is telling me he is a bad guy. I don't care...dude looks cool. My family finally gets a VCR. I see A New Hope for the first time. I try to force choke everyone pissing me off for the next 20 + years. I get suspended from school in the 3rd grade for repeatedly curling my index finger in an attempt to force choke the teacher. Now I am not a geek about Star Wars, but I love Vader. I like the movies but I don't dress up like anyone. As a child, I expected to get my grubby little hands on a light saber when I was 15 tops. I also figured I'd just wait a few years after my 16th birthday and get myself a flying car. Sadly funding for such badass technologies must not be adequate. Vader kick ass. It's a dead issue.

22 September 2004

I am still in love with Claire Danes

Sweet merciful crap. It's coming down to it. Two more to go. So I don't know if I wrote this, but I am in the process of writing letters and emails to peeps with really offensive amounts of money. I am asking them to pay off my student loans. So far LeBron, Peyton, Oprah and A-Rod have not gotten back to me. But I also sent a bunch of letters to corporations informing them that I have no intent to work for them, but ask for them to pay off my student loans. Hopefully this works out.

It's Mr. Lucas Jackson to you. Cool Hand Luke to everyone else. Word. See everyone has his or her own view of my man here. I took a philosophy class where we watched this movie and scene-by-scene we broke it down and interpreted the story as an analogy of the story of Jesus and the Apostles. Most people are all like, "This is the epitome of nonconformist movies." Blah Blah Blah. Here's where it is at. Shit is just too easy, so you get bored and fuck it up. He did real good in the war, won a bunch of medals. Left as a buck private. Civilian life was cool, but you get bored and cut the heads of parking meters. So you go to the chain gang for two years. No doubt you hear all the stories of how hard jail is. Shit is rocky at first; the big dog in the pen hates you. He whoops your ass. But eventually you just sort of rock out. You beat the warden at his own game. The inmates love you. You're coasting. Shit can't be this easy can it? Well mom is sick and she dies. The warden fucks with you. You split. Basically you keep looking for a challenge. How much harder can you make shit? By the end of the movie you have the ultimate challenge, to know you will die and not rectify the situation. But for the most part, he has a knack for fucking everything up. I dig it.

21 September 2004

Why must I listen to you evil monsters?

I've been good. Puking up my food. Eating a lot more than I ought. Except the reality is the complete opposite of what I said. I don't each much, don't puke and I run a lot. I also haven't been drunk since like May. I have to tell you my neurons are firing at an exaggerated rate. I think too fast. My brain is working on overload.

The fucking pikey. I relate to this guy. It's like everyone hates him but everyone has to deal with him. I am the most hated man I personally know. But where I correlate with this guy the most is in the big picture. It's like this. Everyone counts him out. They see a guy who talks funny. He is kind of a hermit. He is a big fish in his pond but everyone else live in an ocean. So he talks funny and seems to have only one discernable talent, thus you can fuck with him. But he has the whole thing figured out. He is perfectly fine with everyone thinking he is a stupid hick. But in the end, he lives and brings home a fat payday. You get the sense at the end of the movie that he had the whole thing planned out. That he does this shit in every town that he and his cronies wander into. A monkey was thrown into his wrench when his mom was killed but he kept with the plan. I live that shit out. I don't care what you think of me. I will do shit to intentionally perpetuate you believing I'm stupid. In the end I will have your ass though.

20 September 2004

If that bitch can't swim...she's bound to drizzound

So I am back to square one. The guy who was going to help me has bailed so I need some serious help. But fist I am going to finish this list so I can move on and vent about the tangled tapestry of shit that is my life. So let's get it on.

Royal Tenenbaum is who I would be in an alternate reality if I were a lawyer and old. I don't give a shit. I can lie to you about anything and rationalize it out so I am doing the right thing. I can take it out and chop it up. I try to teach my nephews about how to have fun. My sister gets pissed. I fully plan on having kids whom hate me. But the thing is, is that I just have no tact. If you listened instead of getting offended then you would hear some serious shit. Long live my brothers in arms.

Yeah so we have a tie. I really should have thought about this more because there are a lot of peeps I can't get into the list, even though I want to.
William Wallace. You fuck with me too long and you get fucked with. And when I start a fucking, your ass ain't never going to be the same. I don't want to start fucking. But sometimes a fucking must be done. Depending upon the severity of the initial fucking - I will fuck so hard and long that I fuck myself. I will fuck myself through my own actions. But only after I have fucked your world.

16 September 2004

there's a horse in the hospital

So I have been asking around and hopefully this shit will be fixed soon. I sure would like to know what the hell I did. Anyway, I helped paint my parents house today. It sucked a large part of the ass. I wish I had an X-Box; I'd just kick back and play Fable for the next 80 hours straight. But alas, I cannot. So I sit here and wait to leave. I run, workout and look up porn. I hate my life. We are half way done. So let's move on with this so I can go back to talking about nothing. Not that I am talking about something now.

Josey Wales. You fuck with me and the whole world is in for pain. God this guy rocks. Now while I am not particularly fond of sleeping on rocks or horses, he dips and I love that shit. I like to spit on random crap around, be it dogs, scorpions, chairs, people, the floor, bananas, tuna or Ritz crackers. I also don't really care much. See he had some mission of revenge because his wife and kid had been slaughtered. I just don't care. I would go on a four state killing spree for the hell of it. He befriended Indians. But I can't find any. I think we may have killed them all. But not we, as in I had any part of it. More, the people of our collective past did it, but whatever. The real shit about Mr. Wales is that he doesn't know how to stop. That's where I am. I've gone this far...how much further can I take it. He went all the way. His would be killers had to concede before he stopped. I dig it the most baby.

15 September 2004

cries for help

Right. SO I don't know how to fix this. The people running shit won't answer my query so I am screwed. I have tried everything. Maybe everyone should just go buy a Mac so they can see my shit. It looks like I want it to look on my shit. So I don't know. Whatever. Anyone out there whom can help me, let me know, I'll give you my password and all and you can tell me what I did wrong. I would send you massive amounts of old Star Wars toys I no longer need. My list is impeccable so far. It rules. So on with the show.

Jason Bourne started making waves in books, all of which I never read. Partly because I was busy with school, but mostly because those types of books aren't my style of reading. I prefer other shit. But the movies whoop a mule's ass with a belt. Of all the people on the list, I want his life the most. I want his job. I want to be a contract killer for the government. For me, that would truly be living the dream. Calmness under the most taxing of circumstances. That's where I relate to him. All of Europe wants you dead, yeah whatever. That's cool. I'll figure my way out. The US government is coming to kill you, I'll fight them back, no biggie. God I love it.

13 September 2004

i cant fix this shit

So my Shit is apparently fucked up. I can't tell because it looks like I want it to on my computer. But I have a mac. So I hear that is the problem. I emailed the people running shit. They need to get back to me. Or suffere divine corollary. I didn't mean it. Please help me.
God, I can't wait to get the blood clot out of here. Ship me. Make me run. I am anxious as I can be. I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing. So let's make it happen. While we make that happen, let's make number seven happen. But we can't because we'd fail. He makes it happen. I guess I should be putting the names of the characters in this. So yeah. It went John McClane, Jack Burton, Daniel Ocean and now...

Sky Fucking Masterson. Dope. He has it all. He talks cool. His clothes are amazing. He gambles. He knows the bible by heart. And he gets to bone Jean Simmons, and not the douche in KISS, but she plays the hot ass missionary, Sara Brown. She is hot. Or more appropriately, "was" hot. But he is the epitome of cool. He bets on everything and wins. I really have nothing in common with this guy. Except I usually win when I gamble and I like dope clothing. But I still relate to him. He doesn't care. He's going to win because that is what he does. He's going to piss you off but he is just being himself. No one seems to know where they stand with him either. So I guess I can relate.

12 September 2004

Free Pie

Right. Anticipation mounts. Everyone wants to know who number eight will be. Only I know, and only I can divulge this information. Will I or won't I? Ahh fuck it.

Steady. Smooth. No compromise in this guy. He will do what he wants and has no problem suffering the consequences of his actions. I bet you my balls are bigger than your dick. If I can't out smart you, I'll cheat. I love it. He's the kind of fellow who would fake every punt, and you'd never see it coming. But what I really relate to him on is his willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends and his cause.

11 September 2004


Right. So I got my date. I leave November 15th in the year of our lord 2004. So that means on that date, Tron will take control of the helm of the worlds most unread Blog. HA HA. But The Yossarian will be back about 8 months from then. I figure, maybe longer. Who knows?
So number 9. Who will it be? I don't know. I had a hard time deciding to tell you the truth.
I wanted to go with Ferris Bueller. But with the exceptions of a small penchant for sweater vests and skipping school, I cannot relate to him. So then I thought about Fletch. I love Chevy Chase. His characters are awesome. I firmly believe that if a person doesn't like Chevy Chase, they aren't worth knowing. He is one of the funniest people ever. But I decided to go with the myth. Who?

Damn skippy. Dude doesn't get pissed, upset or even surprised. He just becomes slightly annoyed at the situations he finds himself in. I mean people are flying around, killing one another, light coming out of people's orifices and he is introduced to an underground slave trade. He just wants his truck back. He acts like he has seen it all before and nothing is new. All in a days work for my man. I dig it. Nothing affects him. He can't control it so fuck it. But what I really feel him on: is how he brings the end of the movie. Are you going to kiss the girl or go back to work? You go back to work. You get in the pork chop express, give sage-like advice and think of her when you want. She never goes crazy, gets fat, sleeps with your friends or says anything stupid. She is always perfect, and so was your relationship. I feel it. I live it.

10 September 2004

It Begins

Have you ever been surprised by how small your cock is? I have. It's embarrassing. Anyway, I was thinking that this whole ranking movie characters I want to be is stupid. No one cares. What is the goal? To somehow connect with some faceless people whom don't read this anyway on an intrinsic level? I don't know. Anyway. Fuck it. I'll do it. The thing is, is that with movie characters you have to relate to them. There has to be some aspect of them you can see in yourself that makes you identify with them. Now I know Hollywood has dumbed everything down to try to be all encompassing to everyone, but it doesn't matter. Whatever.

Yeah that's fucking right. Three movies, and a lot of people left dead. He fought terrorists when terrorism didn't happen in the States. He said cool shit. But you can feel him. He doesn't want to be there, but fuck it, he's there and he's not half-assing anything. He's also drunk a lot, which I can relate to. But it's like, he isn't trying to be a superhero he just becomes one, at least for a day...or three. He is just going to do what he has to in order to survive. I dig it. He is fighting like a lion when he would much rather be sitting back, drinking some beers listening to some blues and making love to his wife. But right now, he's got to get through this shit. I can relate to this shit. Also, he doesn't give a shit about glass.

09 September 2004

Pushing the rock

So like I made some aesthetic changes. I want to make more but I can't figure it out. I don't want those stupid orange lines in my header. I want my sidebar smaller and the background black with the text being white. If anyone knows how I can do this...let's make it happen.
I got my fantasy team. But wait, I have breaking news. If I have known you for years and we have hung out laughed, drank and bonded with one another. If we know each other, and you don't like me going into the Army then the rift in our friendship isn't my fault. I am the same guy I have always been. I just run more now. I pay attention to your snide comments, and the tone difference in your voice, the embarrassed look in your eye when you look at me. I don't have many friends and I've lost quite a few because of this. So fuck off. Don't blame me for your ignorance of things because I made a decision.

Anyway. God that pisses me off. So whatever. Over the next ten days I will list the top ten characters from movies that I wish were me. As in I wish I was that character. Got it. So it starts tomorrow and ends ten days after tomorrow.

08 September 2004

How You Like the Meat Flavor?

Have you ever been on your sixth bowl of raisin bran cereal and had one bite that was so full of raisins that your taste buds get so excited they send a pleasure overload signal to your brain resulting in slightly painful spasmodic erections? It happened to me and it ruled.
I also started smoking cigarettes whilst I dip, and I must say, it rules also. In fact, there isn't much I do that doesn't rule.
I need ONE more for my fantasy football thing. That sucks. But it isn't my fault. I just don't have many friends. What I do have though is a new book. Well it's not new, but I haven't read it. I was alphabetizing my CD collection today and I came across some books. So I decided to read the Inferno. I wonder how this shit's going to end. I know the whole, "This is a metaphor of the social/economic/political climate of when it was written," argument. But I don't care. Isn't it more fun to read it and think, "Wow, this dude went to hell and had some serious shit to tell me about eternal punishment." Maybe it's just my Catholic guilt kicking in. But I'm not sure how that is guilt. But I got it, and I'm proud of it. I have it so bad I bought three copies of The Passion of the Christ. Why three? Because two isn't good enough and four is just showing off. That's fucking why.
I think I might be an 80-year-old woman. I mean I fucking love quilts. I am using the word "love" here about quilts. But I can't get enough of them. I sleep with three, and have two on the couch in case I get cold.

07 September 2004

I got my bow

It turns out that you don't wanna fuck with me. Maybe you do, who can tell. Certainly not me. That's for damn sure. I'm trying to figure some shit out. You have any answers? How the hell would you? I am the teacher here. Do you respect me less because I don't have it all figured out? Well fuck you. Because I do. I'm just perpetrating like I don't. This will help my vain attempt to bond with you by establishing common fears.
Yeah I lied yesterday. I still ain't got shit to say. But my Internet is still working. That's hot. The NFL season starts Thursday. I need one more person for my fantasy league. So join me or die. To tell the truth, your effort to join me might be moot because asshead and his brother haven't signed up yet.
Where is my Pepsi?
I still can't find a book to read. I can't seem to find anything that holds my interest. I wanted to start reading Out of Africa, but I don't care to read flitty love stories. With the exception of Jane Eyre. So after the first 30 pages, I threw it out. Maybe in like 20 years or so I can handle that. So today, out of boredom, I started to read some old textbooks I never read at school. Fat lot of good it should do me now. So I am real uninterested in this shit. So the 4 of you who will read this in the next 15 years, I implore you. Give me suggestions on what to read. Or suffer the divine corollary...bitches.

06 September 2004

It's Zeus, not Jupiter Bitch!

So my friggin Internet is finally working again. Shit just didn't want to work for a few days. I hope everyone had a joyous three-day weekend. But I am sure you did. So the Yossarian requested a bunch of extra training. Therefore, after OCS he will go Airborne, Sere and maybe Ranger. Then Intel. I can't remember if I wrote this before, and I am too lazy to check. So I said sorry for the redundancy if I did.
The Cardinals are the best baseball team I have ever seen play. I am stoked that I can say that about the home team. Yes, the Yossarian hails from St. Louis, and no, I don't know Nelly. Met him in a club once though, I had no clue as to who the hell he was. He's all like, "I'm Nelly." I respond with, "I have a niece named "Nelly" He said, "No man, I rap." I was like, "Christmas presents at the mall? Cool." I got thrown out of the club for not knowing who the hell he was.
Ahhhhh well. I don't dig his shit now that I know who he is anyway.
So I need something new to read. I finished my shit. I reread some shit I wanted to reread. I am tired of reading ingredient listings on shit I find in the pantry. So I need a book.
How do bulimics return to eating after all the puking? Because I imagine that would be difficult.
You know what TV show I miss? Siffil and Ollie. That was some of the best sock puppeting ever.
I'll have something to say tomorrow.

03 September 2004

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Yeah, so whatever. So I am still waiting for my date. It's boring as all get out. I wish I were leaving today, I want to get on with my life. I still don't have a TV though. Someone ought to buy me one. I don't have shit. My stereo doesn't work. I need some of that shit.
But whatever. No one cares about my needs. Or wants. So yeah, Tron is taking over soon. So I leave you in good hands. Not really. Have you seen his hands? Bad cuticles.
But Kobe is free. Not that he wasn't free before, but the charges are dropped. Good for him. I don't know if he did it or not. Personally, I don't care.
So like, I am in a ranking mood. Not that I smell, but I want to rank shit. So what should I rank? Top movies? Albums? Bitches I wanna fuck? States in the Union? All time linebackers? Comic heroes or villains? Bitches I don't wanna fuck? Shit I wanna rank? Shit I need for my future place I call my home? Let's go with albums.
10. It's a Shame about Ray - The Lemmonheads
9. Dr Octagonecologyst - Dr. Octagon aka Kool Keith
8. Pyromania - Def Leppard
7. Thriller - MJ
6. Any Record by Nirvana - Nirvana
5. Music has the Right to Children - Boards of Canada
4. Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys
3. Black on Both Sides - Mos Def
2. Manajatwa tie between The Conan the Barbarian Score - Basil Poledouris / The Carmina Burana / Power in Numbers - Jurassic 5
1. London Calling - The Clash

Yeah I wanted to get other shit in there, but it failed to make the list. Koolmotor (Instrumentals) by 5 Deez, Kerplunk by Green Day, Set Your Goals by Civ, The Low End Theory By A Tribe Called Quest, Mezzanine by Massive Attack and anything by Soul Coughing to name a few. But that is the list. If you disagree, I am sorry for you. Because you are wrong.

01 September 2004


I watched 8 mile last night. It's that movie with Mr. Mathers. Someone want to tell me why someone thought that a movie about overcoming stage fright would be entertaining? What a pile of shit. I got some static recently, which is why I haven't been posting. But it's not like you care. I have decided that while I am in training I will leave the reigns of this site to my boy Tron. It was a hard decision, but I think he is the only person reading this anyway. I'm not sure how to check.
Yeah so my boy Tron, you should like him, he's cool. One time he helped an old lady out of her burning house only to demand anal sex. Okay that never happened. But if it had, it would have and you got to give me that.
HOLY SHIT. On Fox News right now is the Fleet bank I always used. Well it was only an ATM hub, but it was located next to a copy joint I always used for school. Sweet. Beantown baby. That's cool. Apparently someone thought it was a real bank and tried to rob it. Sheesh. The real bank is 4 blocks down. And you gotta get past the 12 cameras and 2 undercover guards, not that I scoped it out.
Anyone want to join my fantasy football league? Just drop me a line. I need more peeps.
But so yeah like Tron. I love him like a brother. Only he is not my brother, but that doesn't mean he isn't my brother. He's good people, but just one man.
But on the real, B can eat it. I don't necessarily wish you any harm, but if he got hit by a bus, I wouldn't send flowers. I hate him more than I hate myself, and I want to die. Kurt said that.
I don't want to die until I meet Claire Danes, or Kool Keith. Hopefully I meet both, only with entirely different contextual circumstances.
I also watched T3 last night. What the hell is going on there? We stopped Judgement Day. But it came anyway. I just thought it was a weird message to send out with your big 4th of July movie. What message? The, "We are Fucked," message. I thought that when i saw it in the theaters, but last night confirmed it.