09 September 2009

No. Wrong. Or Left.

Right. I used to gorge myself at this taco bell in Boston. I would eat like 40 tons of food. I puked after.
As soon as possible XTX. I promise. I am sorry.
It isn't my fault...I cheated.
This isn't good. I could recycle crap for old, and you would have ate it up and sucked from me like I was CNN. But I won't.
This will not fill. I could have bought products from TV or ate eggs or ran today. But I didn't.
This isn't what you expected. I could have done nothing. Your proprietors could have been more cautious. But we weren't.
I assume you are going to tell me that a bagel is choice and cash is duty is right. I will not argue. I don't care. i don't plan on being here that long to actually make any difference.
Dead people owe nothing.
Alive people owe only their actions.
Newborn people owe their life.
Borne people owe their soul.
Think about it.
Fuck you. It isn't a choice if I have to have it.
Fuck you. Throw a moody anytime I am not with you.
Fuck you. Throw a moody anytime I am with you.
Fuck you. I did not do that.
Fuck you. Not your problem - not my problem.
No one born homeless ends homeless. In fact, I, having not looked up any statistics, would be willing to bet that if a person is born homeless, he/she is more than likely to wind up awesome and not homeless. Mostly because homelessness is already felt.
Some people wind up homeless because of drugs. Some of booze. Some of opportunity. Others chance. I hate being regulated to chance.