23 September 2007

Dancing With Your Mother

Right. We all know this sucks. That's fine. It blows. Whatever. But let me tell you this. When Alexander entered Babylon, there was a reason he didn't enslave the people. Any people who can create cities like these, will never be enslaved. Beautiful. Amazing. Were it not bombed to shit, Baghdad would be prettier than Paris. It is leaving though. And that is disturbing. Because while I don't trust a single Iraqi I have dealt with, I imagine if left alone and left in peace, and if peace can be achieved amongst themselves - Iraq would be the hub of the world. When people this shady are this creative, there is no stopping them. But en sha la.
Another thing...it is fucking hot. Lindsey Lohan hot. Like searing. It is a shite side of insine. Ramadan blows. No eating or drinking in the hot assed sun makes people go crazy. My job still sucks. Send booze. But hide that shit prison style. Like in a scope bottle.
I work out a lot. I can now do 98 handstand pushups before I collapse. I am done running though. It's too fucking hot to run. I sweat my nutsac off every fucking time I step foot outside.
What the fuck is with Notre Dame sucking? Fuck that.
Go Yankees.


09 September 2007

Operation Manute Bol

Right. It's still hot here. I sweat close to 50 gallons a day. I miss beer and Gin and drinking massive quantities of it. I miss it a lot. I made friends with this Iraqi the other day, he is funny. The Iraqi people are funny. At least the ones left. It all seems unnecessary though. We are putting all of these barriers up and blocking off neighborhoods and all. It's crazy.
Anyway, I am fine. I can't wait to be done though. Like seriously. I don't know. I'm tired. Bombs. Guns. Blood. Screaming. Airplanes. Helicopters. Orders. Complaints. Bills. Friends. Fires. I need a Lindsey Lohan poster. I need Copenhagen. I want a shower.
I miss my dog. When I am done. I think I might go back to drinking for lunch. Stop screaming at me. Look over there. Keep your mind off the war. Even if you're here. No report given. No change in anything. More. More. More.
We have a better mass transit system in Baghdad International than there is in Miami and St. Louis combined. We will never leave this place.


02 September 2007

Right As Rain

Right. This is the dumbest shit ever. If you, or any of yours, actually believes in their hearts that is this is the right thing to be doing...then I am sad for your souls. Being here has taught me one very important thing, and that is violence will drop when people are dead. Insurgents are people who do not want what America wants. Iran has every right to influence the type of government its neighbor has and America has no intention of bringing peace or ending the war. I watch people fight us with sticks. I watch children throw grenades like Nolan Ryan throws baseballs. I watch men die. I watch men kill. I watch men lie. I watch men cry. I watch walls crumble. I watch barriers be emplaced. I watch politicians debate. I watch the military create illusions. I watch people protest.
I won't see my nieces graduate high school. I won't see another holiday season. I won't see my mom turn 60. I won't see my friend return from his adventure. I won't see the national championship, world series, super bowl or the cup, twice. I won't see my nephew learn to speak. I won't see the news you see. I won't see the hope, the fear, the tears or the love. I won't see an end. Neither will the next guy who replaces me.