25 March 2008

The Day After Is Darker

Right. I cannot sleep. I hate it here. I am tired. I want this to be over. It's not going by fast enough. No one is leaving anymore. No one escapes. This is eternal. This will last forever. No retreat. No withdrawl. No peace. This is life now. It is acceptable. It is necessary. You are safe. Where is the money going? I miss things. I hope I didn't fuck this up too bad. I hope my lie is forgiven. Small declarative statements.


02 March 2008


Right. I have no idea what jacket size I am. I just thought you should know that.
SO there is this prick I work with and I will kill him. I swear to God himself that before I die, this man will die by my hand.
I am at work and I meet my new best friend. This yellow lab thing. I take him for a run. I play with him. I go get meat from where we eat to feed him. I give him water. I name him Spike. Spike has had a rough go of things. You can tell Spike has been beaten. He limps. He cowers. He has burns all over him. He eats dirt. I am helping this dog out. Well while I was sleeping, this piece of shit fuckstick cocksucker I work with give Spike a bunch of small bones. The thing fucking swallows them and is really sick and shitting blood.
So I take care of him. I ordered heart worm medicine, a flea collar, all sorts of shit. The doctor (who is also an asshole) is sleeping so I can't get him an operation right away. Spike is sleeping in the hall, peacefully I might add, when theis piece of shit comes in and is all, "Well. Better call people to fix this."
"Fix what asshole?"
"We have to kill that dog."
"No mother fucker. You ain't killing shit you dickless fuck. Kill him yourself and then let us see how far you walk when I cut your fucking legs off."
"Sir. I just talked with the PA."
"Yeah fucker. The 'PA.' Meaning he ain't a real doctor. Leave the dog alone."
"Sir it's for his own good."
"Yeah because you gave him small bones to eat you fuck. I swear to you, that if that dog dies I will beat your fucking children in front of you."
Then the piece of shit started shaking and I think he started to cry.
Fuckhole. What kind of an asshat kills dogs? The guy has clearly got fight in him.
So I go see the PA, and he starts giving me shit. I stole a bunch of medicine and scaples and shit and told him I would fix him myself. He stopped me and now we are flying in a vet tomorrow.
See. One man can make a difference.
Funny how we can fly in a vet for one dog that one Captain likes, but can't seem to fly in enough of anything really needed. Inshala.
If I do go to jail...it will be worth it. I am very happy.